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Ever get that feeling when searching for business information that nothing truly fits? How many blogs and articles have you read, only to find out they don’t suit UK business owners or your type of business?

You can rapidly get lost in a fog of information that seems ‘sort of relevant.’
With The Business Box, you no longer have to struggle with business templates designed for a different markets with different practices, regulations, or, worse, ‘advice’ that only covers half of what you need to know.

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StageDocumentThe Launch BoxThe Growth BoxDescription
Set Up50 Point ChecklistThe top 50 things that you need to do to set up a business and where to go to get the resources/information you need.
Set Up80 tips entrepreneurial tips & hintsWhat I have personally learned in 30 years of being an entrepreneur, distilled into my top 80 tips.
Set UpYour Business IntentionHow to write statements that guide and focus attention to create your purpose, vision, mission and values
Business PlanningExample Visions & Missions25 well-known brands and their vision and mission statements for inspiration
Business PlanningBusiness Plan StructureA step-by-step guide to setting out your business plan and executing your business
Business PlanningYour Business CanvasYour pitch on a page is a summary of your whole business – a great tool to help you focus and highlight the most important bits!
Business PlanningYour Business PlanA comprehensive breakdown of your whole business and my step-by-step guide to how to set out the business plan and execute your business
Business PlanningBudget TemplatesA choice of budget templates, from simple to complex to set out the income and costs for your business (your profit and loss), together with your balance sheet and cashflow projections
Business PlanningYour CashflowThe heart of the business is this model that will show your daily cash in and out over a rolling 13-week period. You should always be able to see your cashflow 3 months ahead with a fair degree of accuracy.
Business PlanningYour Pitch DeckThe summary presentation and quick-fire investment/sales pitch that presents your business/idea to a group of stakeholders (normally investors) in a series of high-impact slides.
Investors50 Investment TipsReal world and experienced-based tips and advice to consider, if and when, you pitch for investment.
Investors100 Investor QuestionsCurated from the last 15 years of investor due diligence, these are the 100 most-asked questions by investors when considering investing in early stage and start-up companies
InvestorsConfidentiality AgreementsFor use when you want to share sensitive information with a 3rd party or are in a discussion with a 3rd party and you will be sharing confidential information with each other
InvestorsDue DiligenceA detailed and comprehensive list of the information that an investor may want to see and review prior to investing in your company in 2 different formats – basic and comprehensive
InvestorsIP AssignmentConfirmation that if you hold any intellectual property (i.e., patents, trademarks, etc), that the ownership of this will be transferred to the company before any outside investment is completed
InvestorsDirectors UndertakingConfirmation that upon receiving investment each director will abide by the shareholder agreement and a personal executive service agreement
InvestorsDisclosure LetterAnything you might want to tell an investor that could be material to their decision-making about investing in your business
InvestorsShareholder AgreementThe main shareholder agreement, setting out the terms of the investment and your company rules for operating
InvestorsBoard MinutesConfirmation that the current board of directors has agreed to an investment
InvestorsBoard ResolutionsAgreement that the directors will allot new shares to an investor and that those shares are free of any pre-emption rights with existing shareholders
InvestorsInvestor SubscriptionThe investors agreement to buy shares in your company
InvestorsDeed of AdherenceConfirmation that all of the parties agree to the shareholder agreement and resolutions
InvestorsCap TablesDifferent versions (simple to complex) of your shareholder details and market capitalisation.
For new entrepreneurs and those in the early stages of building their business.

For businesses looking to expand and raise investment and expand. This box also contains everything in The Launch Box.

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