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The Growth Box Unwrapped

Everything in The Launch Box, Plus All the documents and templates you need to accelerate the growth of your business.

Hints and tips to get you going

Business canvas template

25 examples of vision and mission statements

Cashflow template

Due Diligence Examples

Shareholder Agreement

Heads of Terms

How to write statements that define your purpose and goals

The top 50 things you need for start up

50 investment tips

Budget templates

Investor Pitch Deck

Assignment of Intellectual Property Agreement

Board Minutes Template

Deed of Adherence

Directors’ Undertaking agreement

80 entrepreneurial hints and tips

Your Business Plan – what and how to write one

How to structure your business plan

Confidentiality Agreement

Disclosure Letter

3 x Capitalisation Tables

Investment Resolutions

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Include an invaluable 1-2-1 personal briefing with Piers on all the documents and templates in The Business Box.

Thinking big? Great!

Tools, templates and documents for investment-hungry entrepreneurs

If you have found the next “big thing” or have invented a “Game Changer” that will become the next unicorn business, then you need The Growth Box.

The Growth Box contains all the documents in The Launch Box, including the must-have “Your Business Plan”, plus the essential legal and financial documents you need to raise funds to grow your business.

Understand the investor mindset with my investment tips and the questions real investors ask so you are thoroughly prepared from the pitch to the deal.

Show investors you mean it with a high-impact presentation slide deck prepared using your new insights into investors’ thoughts and needs.

Even if you are not ready to take the step towards investment just yet, if you buy The Growth Box, you are prepared for every eventuality at a great price.

Experience is knowing what to do; confidence is allowing yourself to do it.

-Piers Mummery

Get the Growth Box!


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Include an invaluable 1-2-1 personal briefing with Piers on all the documents and templates in The Business Box.

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